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If you are crushless, this is absolutely the night you need to put your flirting undies on and of the house!Finally, on the 18th, Venus will be teaming up with Uranus, the lord of the unexpected, rebellious and kinky. It’s time to connect with your inner freak and let that flag fly high, even if it’s just for the night. And we've got your sign’s seduction strategy for the week to ensure you do the flame, Aries.

Throw caution to the wind and make the first move with every cutie you meet!You’ve had Venus traveling through your house of dating, fun and babymaking since August 26.It’s as if someone dipped you in Love Potion #9: You are absolutely irresistible!The only thing you can prepare for, Leo, is to do some exploring. You might have been feeling off your mojo since Mercury, your natural ruler, went retrograde last month.Fortunately, he’s back on track, and life can return to its normally scheduled program now!On September 12, it’s the optimum time to play for keeps and think about taking things with your favorite lover to the next level.

Do some bonding while exploring somewhere new together (mentally or physically).Use the energy of the 15th to expand on the love you got or meet someone new.If you're single, and you don’t want to leave the house, at least get out your laptop and join a new dating site.If you want to meet someone new, get out of the house today. You’ve had Jupiter traveling through your house of true love since last September, and he will be there until the end of this October.If you want to convince your partner to take that vacation you’ve been wanting, try today. Where Jupiter touches, is where you naturally expand and have extreme luck.It will Let’s be real, Bulls: You were experiencing a bit of a drought the last couple of months.

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