Xiaxue dating site

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Xiaxue dating site

When Xiaxue blocked Coffin, she was then attacked online by a woman named “Kimi Kobayashi,” who appeared to be Coffin’s girlfriend, at least on the internet.

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Temasek Review (TR) had posted a series of Cheng's photos -- taken during the run-up to the People's Action Party (PAP) rallies with her fellow bloggers last May -- and asked its readers to caption the pictures.

Xiaxue thinks she figured out who the woman in the photos is: “Her name is Lee Na Young. A follow-up post from Xiaxue reveals that Coffin sent her a “Cease and Desist Letter” claiming defamation under Singaporean law. The hive mind does not believe him, mostly because he is not convincing.

She is not Japanese, probably not 18, not Kimi Kobayashi, and most definitely not dating Peter Coffin! The law he cites is incorrect, but Coffin just threw more fuel on the fire, allowing Xiaxue the opportunity to make more fun of him and to cite more examples of interactions between Coffin and the fake Kobayashi. We reached out to Coffin requesting his side of the story and he pointed us to Reddit, where he says he will be answering questions all evening.

Kobayashi’s Asian race is constantly mentioned and mocked. 3) Xiaxue and Peter Coffin have together created one of the most elaborate internet performance art/hoaxes we’ve ever seen and are now enjoying the attention together.

Based on Xiaxue’s online detective work, Coffin was “dating” Kobayashi for eight months. But at this moment, you are attacking me for making something up. I don’t even know how to put what has happened to me. Listen, if I were that mentally ill to make her up, I’d be dead right now. But it sure looks like Coffin is the fool here — racist, misogynistic and now completely embarrassed.

Under the Twitter name @Kim_Kobayashi, since closed down, someone posted many photos of a woman claiming to be Kimi, complete with captions (usually Asian jokes) and wrote endless one-liners sounding suspiciously like Peter Coffin’s own humor.

Though she appeared to be an 18-year-old Japanese girl living in New York, many photos of Kobayashi supposedly taken in Japan included Korean text in the background. Now, Coffin has taken to the internet news site and message board Reddit to answer questions and defend his honor, maintaining that he did not create Kobayashi.

Not taking it lying down, Cheng responded by writing her own blog post titled “The Faces of Haters” on Thursday, naming and shaming the eight men who left nasty comments about her on TR’s Facebook page, which has over 10,000 followers.

Trawling their public Facebook pages for information and photos, Cheng turned the table on the men by posting their photos in her own blog, accompanied by a short write-up of each.

Strap in tight for this extremely strange, slightly complicated internet tale: Peter Coffin is an aspiring comedian on You Tube who picked a fight with the wrong blogger.

Xiaxue, also known as Wendy Cheng, is the Singaporean writer proceeding to possibly ruin Coffin’s life, beginning yesterday in a post titled “Peter Coffin is a loser,” after Coffin made hateful comments on Twitter to Xiaxue about her appearance, specifically her recent nose job.

“[The mean comments] lasted for a whole year, got me several hate sites and hate parody accounts.

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