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Both of their nipples were hard and beading with that creamy treat—breast milk. My blonde half-sister, who I grew up thinking was my cousin, had a huge smile on her lips, her hazel eyes wild.

Clint Elliston I had my queen and my concubine perched on my naked thighs, both girls nude, their pussies hot and juicy on my flesh as they squirmed, their arms around my neck, and their breasts thrust right into my face. Melody and Pam, my queen and concubine, were both my half-sisters. “I think a certain perv is eager to drink our breast milk,” Melody said.

She had her sandy-blonde locks in two braids falling off her shoulders, the ends brushing the side of her own round tits. ” “We all know you're the greatest perv, Melody,” I grinned, giving her ass a pinch. Melody was a tomboy, and our feelings had deepened before the events of last year that ended up with me dominating my mother, my aunt, and my sisters.

She squealed, jiggling on my lap, her pussy so hot and juicy, shaved the way I liked it on her. Of all my women, she pushed the lines of rebellion the most, knowing she could get away with it because I loved her. And Pam's mother and my older sister's girlfriend. We were just such innocent maids until our brother twisted us into sex-mad pervs.” “Sex-mad,” agreed Melody, grinning at me. ” Lee asked, not looking at Juana as she dug back into her macaroni and cheese. Feeling compassionate for the poor thing—imagine having to live with that bitch—I reached across the table and took Juana's hand.

“Enjoy, perv.” “He is,” Pam groaned as I suckled a second time, adding more milk to the creamy treat building in my mouth. Bratty Lee, my half-sister, was across from us, looking bored as she stirred her macaroni and cheese with her plastic fork. I loved it when Clint scooped me up in his big, strong arms and held me.

I savored both flavors of my sister's milk, my tongue mixing their cream together. “I know you'll have so much fun,” I told Jenny, pushing up my glasses. I loved it when he spanked me when I was bad, disciplining me like a little girl should be by her big brother. Tomorrow, Saturday, James was taking Jenny to a hotel to meet his “girlfriend” and have at threesome with them. She had such beautiful, blue eyes, her brown hair held back by a headband.

She got pregnant on “accident” because she was too excited to wait. I groaned around Pam's nipple, their touches sending fire shooting down to my balls. I sucked so hard on Melody's tit, making her shudder, her eyes rolling back in her head as she panted.

I popped my lips of Pam's nipple, swallowing the milk and nuzzled at Melody's again. I switched nipples, excitement mounting, Melody squeezing my dick harder as I nursed from her breast.

Melody groaned as I sucked, her eyes rolling back into her head. “Oh, that's nice.” “As nice as when I suck it? My cock throbbed, recovering already as my two sisters squirmed. Find out what a yummy cunt is like so you can fix your diseased snatch.” Carmelita's face darkened.

She shivered on my lap, her pussy growing so juicy, smearing cream on my thighs while I savored her breast milk. ” Melody asked as Pam's creamy treat joined my blonde sister's in my mouth. “Good,” Melody moaned, rubbing her hard nipple into my cheek. Pam's hand, her palm smeared in my jizz, proffered for Melody's enjoyment. Five naughty sisters, a hot aunt, my sexy mom, Pam's submissive mom, and my older sister's wild girlfriend were all mine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alicia Elliston “Tomorrow's going to be so wild,” Jenny Wilson said as she sat beside me in the cafeteria.

I tasted the flavor of their breast milk, blending together to make such a delicious, sweet, and creamy treat. She wore a low-cut blouse despite having no cleavage. “Hello,” I said, putting a cautious hint to my voice. “I hope you don't mind,” Juana said, her shoulders still hunched like she was trying to avoid notice. Her hips rolled as she walked, a saunter designed to draw the eyes. My half-sister's nipples poked at the front of her top. Knocked up by your cousin.” Carmelita shook her head. You and your older sister Melody are both skanks to give it up to your cousin.” “Well, if you've ever had a real cock in that nasty cunt, you'd understand,” Lee said then calmly took a bite of macaroni and cheese. Lee just grinned and licked the spit off her mouth. The voluptuous, dark-haired MILF taught history at our college. Like Lee, she would do anything, take any humiliation, even drinking pee.

I tried to latch onto both nipples, wanting to suck on them at the same time. Pam's fingers kept massaging the most sensitive part and... My jizz fired, splashing Pam's palm and then falling on her thigh and my crotch. Clint made her act like such a slut, masturbating in the locker room before the girls, flashing herself, and doing other things that would make me blush and made Lee so wet. But now Carmelita spent all her effort mocking Lee. “Mmm, there are other parts of my body you can spit on. Get it nice and juicy for my cousin's big cock! ” Carmelita ripped her hand away and wiped it on her jeans. It was so much fun pissing in Lee's mouth then watching her share it with her mom.

But I didn't have the strength to dominate her on my own.