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Select, pinpoint assaults could be considered non-war incidents but, if Congress are going to give specific powers to someone to attack Jihadis, anyway, I suggest someone other than the President — someone competent and reliable, who isn't a pussy. Rudy Giuliani has asserted that Barack Obama does not love his country, meaning the United States. No one can be sure of what is in another man's heart.


If these tiny, scummy tribes of terror saw the US immediately reacting to such aberrations by killing everyone involved, it would probably discourage reoccurrences, even if they fanatics.

I consider myself a pacifist, not merely because I live in Pacifica, because I generally oppose war as a means of problem-solving. I am no die-hard pacifist, believing that some wars have been justified, just not those the US have become embroiled in within my lifetime.

Vietnam was not merely pointless and brutal, it had no possible positive outcome (except ending LBJ's career). Because of the intractable, centuries-old Mideast chaos, I have long preached that the US and other Western nations keep out, leaving the crazies to kill each other. Although the slogan, "Fight them there so we don't have to fight them here," ranks with "just say no" and "Yes we can" as nuttier than a Snickers.

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What I advocate is targeted responses to specific atrocities before they spread.

Nor do I suggest we apply this strict policy to everyone, just to purveyors of genocidal crimes, who prefer Sharia law in most cases, and would be getting what they desire.

The unique strategies that HCV utilizes to parasitize its host make it a formidable enemy and therapeutic interventions need considerable honing to counter its progress.

Ozone, because of its special biological properties, has theoretical and practical attributes to make it a potent HCV inactivator.

Had world leaders stepped forward sooner, the Nazis could have been defeated more swiftly, sparing the lives of thousands of soldiers and millions who died in concentration camps, waiting to be rescued. However, we see a strain of evil from what you might call "Muslim extremists" or, if you are President Obama, "bad guys with beards," who will not stop until they have killed everyone else and wiped freedom off the face of the Earth, since their belief entails fealty to a nebulous god, whom we can't even draw. In proposing a foreign policy, my first advice is for the US to quit the UN. If the same threat reemerges, return to do it again. You need not call the villains Muslims, if that violates some silly political correctitude. An argument against this policy is that we might offend those who believe in respecting other nations' borders. " Putin invades other countries for personal aggrandisement, and does so with impunity.

I am afraid that the United States must assume responsibility by establishing a foreign policy. If that seems too harsh, give them an ultimatum to either "shit or get off the pot," which many of the members cannot smoke in their own countries without risk of punishment. The next step is to identify and eliminate terrorists, which requires good intelligence information. Do not hang about trying to stabilise or democratise governments in places like Nigeria or Kuwait. No more endless wars in hopeless, cobbled-together nations like Afghanistan. Their problem is ours only if people are acting like vicious animals. When he blows up a passenger airliner, no one blinks.

Nor need we retrain terrorists, or get them jobs, or provide them with concubine-filled mansions. And we need to do so when they first spring up, not study them for years to contemplate our reaction.

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