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everytime i look at his lips i kiss the pilliow, no lie. Indeed, High Society is the best Korean Series that I have came across so far. Hope you have a chance to win an award through this series. I hope I see more of him in the future because he is a great actor and I've fallen for him ^^ This is the weirdest thing but he reminds me of my first love when I was 15! The drama was mediocre, but I couldn't take my eyes away from Sung joon even if he was a secondary character. First saw him on White Christmas, I totally fell for him. ^^ It would be awesome if they all did some kind of reunion ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I recently watched I Need Romance 3 and I enjoyed it. It is sooo obvious that he is bigger than that character.

gorgeous on screen of course, had the best fight sceens in SUSPENSE, yet, the most poignant in SILENCED. i look forward to more of his sightings on the silver screen! I love Korean Drama and I went to know if there any Korean people who would like to be friends with me and meet in England cos u I love and care about Korean people Thank U Estelle Rosalie Nancy Miambanzila brilliant actor, and best at action/thriller/deep drama... Yoo are the reason why I bought the Hurricane album of Eric Benet..."The Last Time" you sang it way better.... I wrote three short stories relate to Coffee Prince in 2014. I have watched it so many times and it still gives me butterflies. The sketch is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish.

I especially liked his character in the new movie Villainess although it ended on a sad note, but I also highly recommend watching High Society. I hope one day I get to meet him in person, I started watching Korean dramas for the sake of learning the language and get a glance of how the culture is portrait in their films, That I was fascinated even more when I watched "in need or romance 3." There is a very deep sensitive knowing side to this man.

I love Sung Joon he's so cute and I love how well he portrays all the characters he play in dramas. Spent few days for my kdrama marathon watching all his drama series and still craving for more....

Please please keep up the good work because you really did well there! After watching almost all your dramas & movies esp The Suspect, Train to Busan & Age of Shadows, I'm more convinced that you should stick to dramas/movies that showcase your versatile talents more.

Great climax from the first episode, gong yoo youre such a best actor. And I can't believe he's 37..looks amazing...swoon~ Wishing you lots of success and will be watching his previous movies and drama to keep me preoccupied while I wait for Goblin!

I'm American and just recently discovered Gong Yoo by way of Netflix(Coffee Prince). Please put Gong Yoo in another comedy is so good at it. You are so blessed with great talents - acting, singing, modelling, etc..more so you have a great character amd personality! this guy is so amazingly talented , HE DID a very great performance especially in COFFE PRINCE .. I love to see him making movie with eun hye which I also love ,,, I am your great fan ! I am sorry Gong Yoo that I do not know where to write the comment for the bad news.

gorgeous on screen of course, had the best fight sceens in SUSPENSE, yet, the most poignant in SILENCED. i look forward to more of his sightings on the silver screen! I am in my fourth year of watching Korean Dramas, and he is one of the main reason why I still watch them. having watched all your dramas and most of your movies and having read almost all the english articles and reviews about you I realized you are not really good..is inappropriate :-) you are simply the best! with a big drama please :( you were AWEOSME at every single drama you made coffee prince & big was my very favourite :( we love you so much Gong Yoon strike everywhere, knows how to sing, play piano, acting, modeling. I like Yoon Eun Hye they are good partners, they have chemistry. I can write more script to help GYEH has some ideas for new CP 2 if they like to have my help. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I continue to watch korean dramas and love them but find myself always returning to yours because nobody has made my heart race so much like you! unwell unquestionably come further formerly again as exactly the same nearly a lot often inside case you shield this increase. You, my friend, do well in action, mystery/suspense thrillers. but I enjoy seeing you more on dramas where your character has more depth & substance & doesn't revolve around a woman. You've already done quite a few romcom or love story dramas when you were younger but now that you're older & definitely had more experience under you belt, I think the cutesy roles can be left to the younger actors. There's simply no need for anymore overly sweet cheesy roles. I pray for successful career, Good health and Good luck. It's nice ending and inspiring story as a whole, make this drama one of the best among Korean productions. congratulations for the success of your movie "Train to Busan" many filipinos really appreciated this movie including me and it is even one of the twitter trending topic here in Philippines! I really feel that his mannerisms have won me over. Hope Gong Yoo can read it, and does not upset about my suggestions. and with YEH I hope to see you do more action movies/drama esp now that you're older, wiser and more experience in acting. ( oh and if you do get married pls tell us lol) I have just watched your old drama Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy and now understand why viewers love you and this particular drama. Me and my friends saw ur "1st shop of Coffee Prince" ... I don't know if this is calculated by his agency, but I'm assuming he has something to do with being picky with his movies. I am not comment anymore, but I am straight talking, so I can not be quiet for my upset. A few months ago I became loves YEH after seing this CP ep. until few days ago i finally finished watch this CP.. I am a big fan of GY, so I want to suggest something. We are all Korean fans hope their families victim will become happy soon. Hey you agencies this guy fights, and should be on more flicks. I am your fan since I watched Coffee Prince and Big.