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She developed a crush on Lucky Spencer but the feelings were not mutual and she was fired from her summer waitressing job at Kelly's for being irresponsible.

She turned to her old crush and Jesse's partner, Lucky, for comfort. Jesse's death haunted Lucky and he was drowning in debt.She used Lucas Jones, who liked her, despite Georgie's crush on him.Maxie quickly pushed Lucas aside after she secured the attention of a popular boy named Kyle and was willing to sleep with him to ensure her popularity.Maxie was certain that all Lucky needed was some space from Elizabeth to realize that he was in love with Maxie.However, Lucky was determined to get clean and save his marriage.However, she didn't know that Kyle had used a web cam to film them having sex and had posted it on the Internet.

When Maxie found out, she was devastated but decided to forgive Kyle and continued to date him.

Desperate to hold on to Lucky, Maxie faked a suicide attempt by taking a non-lethal dose of medications. Maxie's attempts to hold on to Lucky did not end there.

She faked a pregnancy and then desperately tried to find a way to get pregnant. When that failed, Maxie realized that she had to devise a new plan before people would start wondering why she wasn't showing.

Maxie decided to goad Lulu into an argument and fake a tumble down the stairs so that she could say she had miscarried the baby.

The plan worked wonderfully, and Lucky proved to be quite supportive during that time.

In 1994, Maxie became seriously ill and needed a heart transplant to save her life. Maxie and Georgie were excited over the prospect of Mac, who loved them as his own children, and their mother getting married.

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